Welcome to the Musical Misfits

We are Musical Misfits. We do not play concerts. The reason is that they are artificial. After all, when was the last time you threw a tomato at a concert? People will clap at anything these days. The most hideous modern, dissonant, weird, un-melodic presentations people with applaud soundly for. This is not for us. We also don't do gigs like weddings or parties. People are generally rude and loud, not to mention that the alcohol takes over. No... not for us.

So you might ask what we do. We work together making music we like. We don't make it with anyone in mind except for ourselves. If we like it, we will record it and have it published. If we don't like it, even if many people like it, we toss it. We all have a passion for music and although we may make money from music, if we were all millionaires, we would still spend our time playing and writing because it's what we love. Music is better than anything in the world.

Who we are?

If you live in Tucson and would like to work with the misfits, especially if you play cello, guitar, violin or some other instrument and you have a passion for music, drop us a line. We don't have meetings and mostly we live the life of a recluse. Contact Allan Alexander

More to come.